Fish Market Buffet - FISHERMAN's Seafood

Experience the best of fish anew and enjoy it consciously

Fish Market Buffet

Every 2nd Friday of the month:
From the 13th of January 2017, experience all the diversity and freshness of 7 seas, rivers and lakes!

... SOUPS:
* Heligoland crab cream soup with North Sea crabs
* Bouillabaisse of the north

* Zander fillet
* Monkfish medallions in bacon
* Grilled gurnard
* Redfish fillet
* Grilled salmon fillet on spinach leaves
* Fish stew

* Paella with seafood (Paella de Mariscos)
* Calamares
* Prawns in a potato dough coat

* Rosemary Potatoes
* Fried potatoes
* Wok vegetables
* Ratatouille
* Potato gratin
* Red wild rice

* Heligoland Knieper (scissors of the crab)
* Oysters
* Various fish terrines
* Frisian tapas
* Whole poached salmon
* Freshly caught North Sea crabs
* Marinated shrimp
* Crayfish
* Crepes with smoked salmon

* Buttermackerel fillet thaler
* Salmon snails
* Black halibut chocolates
Strass salmon bites with different toppings
* Norwegian smoked salmon
* Bad Zwischenahn smoked eel
* Trout fillet from the juniper smoke
* Marinated herring specialties

* ... as well as various antipasti, a large salad selection, and ... dessert buffet!

Does that sound tempting? Then secure yourself tickets now and enjoy this very special buffet selection - on request, also prepared to your own personal taste.

This culinary journey costs 39 € per person (all meals are free plus drinks).
Please reserve in good time,
We look forward to you!