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The ideal reception - nice that you are there!
Our FISHERMAN'S PILS is traditionally brewed in Northern Germany. Its delicately bitter, fresh taste of hops and barley goes perfectly with our wide range of seafood products, but also for country travelers, vegetable garden friends and our pasta dishes. Our tasty Fisherman's Pils is 4.9% vol. Alcohol content.
"Discover the world of STÖRTEBEKER effervescent specialties!" Hanseatic brewing culture with a modern interpretation of old recipes, an authentically clear appearance, great diversity of varieties and the highest quality, so you can experience new taste paths.
From Germany's legendary source, Selters an der Lahn. Selters is balanced and unmistakable in taste and distinguished as an ideal wine companion.
Every sip feels like you're cheering on countless of your taste buds. And you know what? They do it.
Schweppes has been refreshing all over the world for well over 200 years. Original remains original. Since 1783.
A Niehoffs Vaihinger is the finest thing that can become from a fruit.
Wine is part of a good meal, like salt in the soup.
Fish and wine - that must be! With our suitable wine accompaniment, you can add the icing on the cake to our delicious dishes.
We believe that a digestive drink is appropriate.
Hubertus Vallendar lives what he burns. His creations are more than spiritual nature. You are spiritual naturalness. The artist at the still is a perfectionist. His creativity is inexhaustible. When Hubertus Vallendar started to design his own line and burn it in accordance with his quality concept, the Vallendar line "The Original" was born. He insisted on the quality of the products in his simple, timeless dress with his signature.
Really good coffee is the passion of the Union roastery. That's why you roast like you used to, when there were almost 200 small coffee roasters in Bremen. Slowly, manually controlled. In a temperature range that allows the coffee beans to roast through. All coffee beans are allowed to brown evenly. Because only then can the enormous variety of their aromas fully develop. Our teas from TRINK MEER TEE, inspired by Germany's coasts, taste of the sea. Fine taste corresponds to a rough climate. And all of this, of course, in organic quality.