Children's menu

With us, of course, the little guests are not neglected either: With the "children's plate" all children can expect a hearty menu, - mmmh simply delicious! You get your favorite drink in 0.2l with your chosen dish and after the meal there is a little surprise from the Fisherman's treasure chest.

Cod Piccolino  

6,90 €

Fish figures "sea fantasy"  

small fish figures fried, with mashed potatoes and baby leaf spinach
6,90 €

"Beach pirate"  

juicy fish cakes fried in a delicious breading, with homemade potato salad and tartar sauce
6,90 €

Chicken "Bear"  

juicy pieces of chicken breast fillet in crispy breading, with mashed potatoes and zucchini and carrot vegetables
6,90 €

"Captain's plate"  

Mini-schnitzel fried juicy, with fried potatoes and a small side salad
6,90 €

"Red White"  

Portion of french fries with ketchup and majo
3,50 €

"Robber's Plate"  

an empty plate with cutlery, you steal the rest from mom and dad
All prices incl. 7% MwSt. Speis. (COVID-19)