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Dear fish friends, now also in our assortment: "Salmon Bowl". The bowl is with mango, avocado, carrots, cucumber, seaweed, sesame and fried salmon cubes, with teriyaki sauce. Greetings from superfood! Our out-house sale is open: Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Fried North Sea plaice fillets with spinach, boiled potatoes and Hollandaise sauce.  

11,90 €

Fantastic fish curry a) a.1) b) d) g) l)  

11,90 €

Salmon pasta in a spicy, creamy sauce with spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes  

12,90 €

Fish burger de luxe mediterranean style a) a.1) a.2) c) d) l)  

11,90 €

The best baked fish of the city a) a.1) c) d) l)  

10,50 €

Fish & Chips / Very British a) a.1) c) d) g) l) m)  

8,90 €

Matjesfilet "Hausfrauen Art"  

9,90 €

Fried fish rolls a) c) f) l)  

5,50 €

BBQ Highlanders our juicy burger imposters XL 15) a) a.1) a.2) c) g)  

10,90 €

Pork schnitzel with french fries  

9,90 €

#Hafen Currywurst XL with French fries 2) 3) 11) 16)  

7,90 €

Vegetable curry with rice  

9,50 €

Fish rolls


3,50 €


3,50 €


3,50 €


3,50 €

Graved Lachs  

3,90 €


5,50 €

Bean salad "grandma's style" 16)  

3,50 €

Gurkensalat nach "Oma's Art"  

3,50 €

Homemade potato salad  

3,00 €

Mixed salad with dressing and a roll  

5,50 €

Mixed salad with prawns, dressing and a roll  

7,50 €

Vio medium  

0,5l2,00 €

Vio still  

0,5l2,00 €

Vio Apfelschorle  

0,5l2,50 €

Cola Zero  

0,5l2,50 €


0,5l2,50 €
Additives: 2) with preservative agents 3) contains antioxidants 11) contains artificial sweetener 15) contains nitrite curing salt 16) contains a type of sugar and artificial sweetener 
Allergens: a) cereals and products which contain gluten a.1) wheat and products thereof a.2) rye and products thereof b) crustaceans and products thereof c) eggs and products thereof d) fish and products thereof f) soya and products thereof g) milk and products thereof l) celery and products thereof m) mustard and products thereof 
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