Lunch at Fisherman´s Seafood

Our lunch menu is always Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. *** Dear friends of Fisherman's Seafood, the long brooding is over! Christmas time is the time for gifts. If you want to give something very special, then secure our Fisherman's gift voucher. Make your loved ones very special and grab the best present.



- Fish meets kale - 15) a) d) g) l)  

Fried pollock filet, with juicy green cabbage (with bacon) and boiled potatoes. The classic with fish, you have to try this combination.
13,90 €

Flounder filet "Viennese style" 15) a) c) d) l) m)  

Flounder fillet breaded with breadcrumbs and fried golden brown, with mashed potatoes with country smoked bacon cubes and grandma's yellow bean salad. The white, tender and pleasantly firm meat of the flounder inspires with its mild and spicy taste.
14,90 €

Fisherman's Winter Magic a) c) d) g) l)  

succulently fried redfish and pollock, with ravioli with a fine tomato, ricotta and basil filling and leek and carrots. A wonderful dish!
14,90 €

Helgoland treasure chest a) b) d) g) l)  

We serve our tender North Sea plaice fillet, the delicious cod fillet and our popular cocktail shrimp with fried vegetables made from mushrooms, leeks, zucchini and peppers, crispy rösti wedges and crab cream sauce. -This is pure fish enjoyment-
15,90 €

Fantastic fish curry a) a.1) b) d) l)  

fragrant fish curry with shrimp, coalfish filet pieces, peppers, onions, fluffy basmati rice and a firework of flavors-we all love it!
12,90 €

Fish burger de luxe mediterranean style a) a.1) a.2) c) d) l)  

grilled, freshly caught fjord salmon filet with delicious topping of fresh salad, tomatoes and spicy wasabi sauce, in roasted focaccia burger bun (baked with native Italian olive oil, sea salt and rosemary), served with crispy steak house fries. Enjoyment and creation in perfection.
11,90 €

The best baked fish of the city a) a.1) c) d) l)  

crispy, fluffy and baked golden brown, that's how the fish is served. Saithe fillet (2 pieces) baked in beer batter with homemade potato salad (without mayonnaise) and our hearty remoulade!
11,50 €

Fish & Chips / Very British a) a.1) c) d) g) l) m)  

baked and well-seasoned fish filet strips with steakhouse fries, plus the incomparable malt vinegar "Sarson's" and our homemade remoulade
9,90 €


shore leave

BBQ Highlanders our juicy burger imposters XL 15) a) a.1) a.2) c) g)  

juicy Angus beef made from 100% Irish beef roasted on the grill, classically served with tomato, cucumber, roasted onion rings, surrounded by fresh lettuce, Edam cheese, bacon and our smoky, spicy White Smoke BBQ dip, with crispy fries.
10,90 €

# Harbor Currywurst XL 2) 3) 11) 16)  

with homemade orange curry sauce, steak house fries and alibis salad
9,90 €



veggie a) c) g) l)  

Ravioli with a fine tomato-ricotta-basil filling and leek carrots. A wonderful dish!
9,90 €
Additives: 2) with preservative agents 3) contains antioxidants 11) contains artificial sweetener 15) contains nitrite curing salt 16) contains a type of sugar and artificial sweetener 
Allergens: a) cereals and products which contain gluten a.1) wheat and products thereof a.2) rye and products thereof b) crustaceans and products thereof c) eggs and products thereof d) fish and products thereof g) milk and products thereof l) celery and products thereof m) mustard and products thereof 
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